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Thursday, December 16, 2010

More Obsessions

Of the things that I am obsessed with, going hand in hand with self-help things, is notebooks. I love the feel of a brand new notebook just waiting for me to write something in it. I have yet to find the perfect notebook, but is definitely helping me out. I follow this blog religiously, hoping to find the perfect notebook. Although I have not tested out many of the notebooks here, I still love reading the reviews that the author puts up.

Recently, she put up a review about these awesome notebooks put out by Daycraft, which seem like sweet notebooks. I would definitely love to try one out!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

college or no college?

I am an avid reader, of blogs and books alike. SInce it is the summer and most of what I am doing lately is nothing at all (at least until my job starts), I've decided I am going to read a ton of books this summer.

My reading list is wicked long right now. Most of the books are recommendations from the blogs that I am following, which I mentioned a few posts back. Almost the whole list originated in one day, thank you obsessive personality.

One book I just started is called The 4-Hour Work Week by Timothy Ferriss. It is extremely interesting so far, mostly because it highlights a completely unconventional way of life. Between this and the other blogs/books I am reading, it is starting to make me reconsider which direction I am taking in life.

What I want to do in terms of a career is not what I am reconsidering, because I do not intend whatsoever to have a desk job, but something more fulfilling than that. The thing I am reconsidering is college, and its scaring the shit out of me.

I was reading the first blog post on and the author of the website dropped out of college on a full scholarship during his freshman year. I have read in a bunch of other places about how seemingly unnecessary college is, especially because of the big price tag. HOWEVER, not going to college to pursue what I want to do scares me. Almost everyone I know is going to college, and I can't imagine NOT going.

To be honest, I absolutely love college, and I wouldn't want to leave early. I actually enjoy going to class and learning, especially because I am taking classes that I want to and that I find interesting. Not to mention living without my parents, living with my friends, and literally having the freedom to do whatever I want. Another thing that college offers is a million and one opportunities that one cannot get in the outside world. If an opportunity came around that would make going to college somewhat unnecessary, then I think I would reconsider the path I'm on.

For now, I think I am going to stick to the college route. But I am going to stay completely open to different lifestyles and ways of life.

Any thoughts on alternative lifestyles?

Thursday, June 3, 2010


So yesterday started out like any other day, just a casual trip to the oral surgeon to get FOUR wisdom teeth out.

Let me break down the procedure for you, and may I warn that it might get a little bit graphic for some.

First, I went into the room where the surgery takes place, which looks exactly like it does when one goes to get a regular check up at the dentist. Then they put on an oxygen mask before attempting to put in the IV.

There is almost nothing in this world that makes me as nervous as needles, and the heart rate monitor I was attached to shot up as soon as they tried to put the needle in. First, they got it in and I thought I was gonna faint. Then I find out the vein they put it in wasn't big enough, SO THEY HAD TO DO IT AGAIN.

This was easily one of the worst parts of the surgery, and soon after I was knocked out. The next thing I know I'm being led to the recovery room with an ice pack on my face. At this point, I was completely delirious. I had no idea what was really going on because the surgery lasted about 10 minutes, but the anesthesia lasts much longer. It was the weirdest feeling ever, especially when I got home and tried to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later, tons of gauze in my mouth, and bleeding a lot. Many people do not have to get all four teeth out, but I was one of the lucky ones. I am also lucky enough to experience the nauseating side effect of percocet.

Me and percocet currently have a love-hate relationship. While the drugs are working magnificently to cure the pain in my mouth, they cause me to feel very very nauseous, which then makes me have the need to be horizontal all of the time. Fortunately for me, HBO has all of season 6 of Sex and the City on on demand, so I am in luck.

Even though all of this sounds less than ideal, I am very lucky to have been able to get this surgery. These teeth have been bothering me for a very long time, and I desperately needed to get them out. And I also got them out at a time where literally nothing else is going on, and I will be all healed by the time Dave Matthews band rolls into Massachusetts!! This is also the time when one of my good friends from school is visiting me.

To wrap up this post, I think the moral of the story is that even though this surgery was not something I would ever choose to do again, its giving me a chance to just relax for a few days and have an excuse to watch as much tv as I want to. :)

Have there been any times where something awful has given you the chance to do just what you want like this?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So I finished my finals and now I am back in boston for the summer. Thus far I have woken up late every day and watched The O.C. That is as productive as it has gotten. That and reading blogs like its my job. But one thing I do like to do is watch movies.

I like watching every type of movie, from Oscar nominees to Nicholas Sparks movies. HOWEVER I hate scary movies. I truly do not understand why people enjoy scaring themselves. ITS THE WORST. So last night I was at my friend's house and she decided it was a good idea to watch The Orphan. WTF that movie is beyond messed up.

If you have never seen it stop reading because I'm going to ruin it here

First of all I was basically peeing my pants the whole time because Esther is everywhere all the time and is constantly popping out of nowhere to scare the crap out of you.

Then, its extra creepy because she is a manipulative murderous CHILD which is beyond creepy. LIKE A CHILD WHO KNOWS HOW TO MURDER AND PERFECTLY COVER IT UP.

It definitely doesn't help that one of the children already living in the house is deaf.

Then the ending is just a long scene of very heightened tension and you're literally on the edge of your seat for way too long and its kinda gory and gross. But it did end with a closed ending so its not like she's still around able to murder and do whatever she wants.
That was the reason I was able to sleep last night.

So as you may have noticed, this post has no direction whatsoever, but I'll try to turn it around a little but.

Basically, once I start a movie, I get very into it and regardless of how scary or awful it may be, I generally need to watch it to the end.

Because I get so into movies, I tend to get emotional if the movie calls for it.... Its really lame, I know.
This is why I like Nicholas Sparks movies so much.
But I love movies that allow the watcher to really get into it and relate to the character so much that they can experience all that the movie characters are feeling.

I like to keep a list of movies I have seen that I like and movies that I want to see, which can be helpful if I am looking for something to watch.

I am also a big fan of documentaries, and one I watched recently goes perfectly along with this post. It is called "This Film Is Not Yet Rated" and its about the movie rating system. Its definitely worth a watch if you have some spare time.

Any good movie ideas for my list?

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


As much as I hate to admit it, I am completely guilty of being addicted to "reality' TV.

It definitely depends on the shows, but I love watching shows like The Hills and the City. I have never been the kind of person to follow a show while it is currently on tv, except for the last season of The OC, and I usually like getting into these shows after they have aired so that I can watch a bunch and not have to wait.

Even though I think all of the drama is so stupid, there is something about these shows that gets me excited and anxious to watch the next episode. Right now, I'm in the middle of both the hills and the city, and I am currently caught up with both shows, so I can't watch the next episodes because they aren't posted online yet. Which is probably a good think considering finals are coming up.

Sometimes, while watching them, I realize that so much of it is completely stupid and I'm thankful that my life isn't like that. But for some reason, I keep coming back to these shows.

Why are these shows soo addicting?!

Monday, May 10, 2010


The internet will never cease to amaze me. You can literally find everything you could possibly ever think of on it. One of my favorite things on the internet are blogs. I really like reading different blogs because it's interesting seeing what others have to say regarding just about anything you can think of. I especially like when blogs lead you to find other interesting things that can help you, entertain you, educate you, inspire you, ... I think you get the idea. Here are some of my favorite blogs on the internet:

This has to be easily one of the funniest blogs I have read on the internet. As I am white, I can attest to the fact that just about everything listed on this website is dead on. The best part about it is definitely the descriptions, which guide you through trying to socialize successfully with white people by knowing what kind of stuff white people like

This bog is a girl who likes to draw hilarious pictures on Microsoft Paint and writes stories to go along with them. I have made the mistake of reading this in class one too many times and laughed out loud at it. Its great for those times when you just feel like laughing at stupid humor. She is truly hilarious.

This is one I just recently found on a list of blogs to watch out for in 2010. So far, it has given me some great tips about different ways to get organized, using different things on the internet to help you, such as google docs, and more. It's definitely worth checking out, and you'll probably get a few good ideas from it.


This blog is one of the most interesting I found yet. This is about Timothy Ferriss who, through Lifestyle Design, restructured his life into one that allows him to do everything he wants, from traveling the world, to competing in dance competitions and more. It is very inspiring and full of great ideas. The thing that I like the most about it is that it conveys a very important message: there is no reason to lead a life that you don't like, so take control of it and turn it into something you enjoy.

I really like this blog a lot, because it goes along with the theme of creating a better life and rising above the standard of a normal life. Its posts cover a very wide range of topics, including what kind of drugs to take to lucid dreaming. It is definitely something that stimulates thinking a lot, and I usually very intrigued by the thought-provoking posts that are put up.

For now, those are my top 5 favorites, but I am always on the search for more. Any ideas?

Friday, May 7, 2010

epitome of college life

So right now I am currently in my second class of the day and lucky for me, my last class got cancelled so now this is my last class. However, this would be more fantastic if i wasn't woken up at roughly 2:50 am early this morning.

Now, seeing as how I am in college and we are talking of a thursday night, the classic reason for me being woken up at this time would be drunk kids coming in from a night of partying. But lucky for me, and the rest of the residents in my building, we have a special breed of drunk kids. Kids who like to set of the fire alarm in the early hours of the morning on really inappropriate days. This wouldn't be as annoying if it was not the 8th time that this has happened this year.

Yes, the 8th time that some asshole thought it would be hilarious to play around with the fire extinguisher because they don't get munchies when they drink, they get wake-everyone-possible-up-when-they-are-all-asleep-by-setting-off-the-fire-alarm-ies.

Here's the story:

After finally figuring out what my thesis statement would be for my upcoming research paper, I got a couple of pages down and an outline for the rest of the paper. Then I decided that that was enough work for the night, so I went back to my dorm to watch movies with my friends and eat a plethora of chips and dip.

After deciding to go to bed around 1:30, I walked down to my room and obviously got caught up in reading tons of blogs and didn't make it to bed until about 2:10. I picked up a book, read for about 20 minutes, and started to drift off to sleep.

That's when I heard it. The all too familiar sound coming from the floor above me. I new it would hit my floor in a matter of seconds, so as I jumped out of bed to put on some socially acceptable clothing, the lights started flashing.

A nice little added bonus was that instead of the usual beeping that happens, the alarm was at first just a long, extremely loud buzzing noise that drives itself like a screwdriver into your brain.

So I walk out into the courtyard with everyone else, everyone especially pissed because they thought shit like this might have been in the past. But drunk kids rear their head yet again.

After 20 minutes of chatting and complaining about the cold, we find out that the cops are so sick of being called here for bullshit fire alarms, they want to clean up the mess before anyone gets let back in. What had happened, we learned, was that someone, for the 5th time, thought playing around with the fire extinguisher would be hilarious, especially if they could get it all over the hall and into an innocent 3rd party's room.

The hall director told us that at 3:10 in the morning, we would have roughly another hour to hang out in the courtyard before we would be allowed back into the building. So he opened up the dining hall.

We all spent the next hour or so in the dining hall, some people trying to sleep, the drunk kids climbing on things, and most delirious from lack of sleep, and worrying that they wouldn't be able to get enough sleep before their early classes tomorrow.

Eventually we were let back into the building, around 4:10 am. I was too energetic to even fall asleep for almost another hour, and the drunk kids had no problem socializing in the halls keeping me awake.

Of all of the typical college things I have experienced, and all of the hilarious moments that have occurred, spending the early hours of the morning in the dining hall is in a category of its own. As a senior coming back together for a bar crawl with my floor, fire alarms will be one of the nostalgic topics of conversation that I am willing to guess most other floors do not have tying them together.

Due to the fact that I am exhausted and we are watching a movie in my class, I am quite obviously not really paying attention and reading this hilarious blog. Definitely worth checking out:

Peace dudes